Falcor Winery



I went to Napa Valley last weekend with couple of friends for wine tasting and Food Paring at Falcor Winery in California and i must say, it was a great experience. The way we paired food and wine together brought out the real taste and feeling of a wine in your mouth. If you decide to taste the wine first, before you eat the food, you won’t be able to get the real texture of the wine nor the sweet aroma and taste of it. So its BEST IF YOU EAT THE FOOD PARING FIRST BEFORE THE WINE TASTING

For this event, we had Five course food and wine paring and the list are:



First Course Meal

Pan Seared on a Tamari Brown Rice Cracker with a Lemon Tarragon Aioli, 2008 Sonoma Chardonnay from Sonoma Valley in California.

This was one of my favorites among the four course of food and wine tasting because first, i like the food and i was hungry (:)) and second the wine taste good. Although being hungry was my first reason but the main reason why i like this paring was because of the taste it brought to my mouth. I have never felt the taste of wine like that until i tried it and i must say, i like how it was and i also did finish my glass of wine 🙂

Second Course Meal

Duck Liver Mousse Pate dusted with Honey Roasted Pecans, 2007 Le Bijou, Napa Valley.

At first, i thought i wasn’t going to do this portion of the food and wine tasting because of the food but to be honest, the food was good and one thing i notice was that you shouldn’t let the name of a food fool you. This one wasn’t quite bad but i really don’t like the way the wine tasted in my mouth. The wine to me was somewhat bitter but one of my friend really liked it because of the roughness taste in his mouth and also because he doesn’t like sweet wine.

Third Course Meal

Filet Mignon with Horseradish Crème Fraiche Crostini 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

The food as always for this pairing was good and i must say i did also finish my wine for it too. I really enjoy the paring for this because it did bring out a spicy taste and the refreshness in your mouth.

Fourth Course Meal

Smoked Gruyere with Falcor “Bijouberry” Preserve and Fresh Thyme 2007 Dry Greek Zanfandel

At first i really did not like Smoked Gruyere with Falcor “Bijouberry” Preserve because i am not a big fan of cheese and i have never eaten cheese by its self alone but in order for me to get the full taste of the wine, i had to taste the cheese and i must say, when i took a bite of the cheese, i couldn’t put it down until i finished it because it was GOOD. The wine was so good and with the thyme taste in your mouth, it brought out a nice sweet smell aroma in your mouth.

Fifth Course Meal

Falcor Syrah Infused Chocolate Truffle 2004″11″ Block Cabernet Sauvignon

I must say, its chocolate infuse with falcor syrah wine. Who won’t love it? Well, as a lady, i do love chocolates and this chocolate was really good with red wine Block Cabernet Sauvignon. this together was just the perfect combination for the last course of meal and just so perfect for the day. I love it, that’s all i could say and the wine too was fantastic

Falcor Winery Food & Wine PairingThe Food Course

In conclusion, this experience was a great experience and if anybody have not experience this before should totally put this on your BUCKET LIST because you would not regret doing it.


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