Growth a DAY

There is always a form of Growth that happens in our daily life. We have the growth of emotion, the growth of security, the growth of courage and so many more when it comes to been a human. Although we human have many growth that we go through without was even knowing it, it is still part of growth.

If i have to describe have a growth is with pictures i would describe it with:

baby Crab

In this picture is a baby crap that we caught on pillar point in half moon bay CA. when we first caught this, i was every excited because i get to see a small crab. but if you think about this from the Growth perceptive, You will notice that in order for the crab to grow into its full size crab, it has to grow through the growth of survival. i was with this crab on dry land for at least 30 minutes before i had to drop it under water.


This is a great paint to me which has a very meaningful meaning to it. If you look at the paint, you’ll see a very little girl in her teens with her self portrait standing in front of her. when you first look at this, some people can be like why is she standing there? This paint also portrait Growth because it shows that there is some kind of maturity for this girl in order for her to be able to have a naked structure of herself done
So in conclusion, Growth is everywhere, from trying to survive, to having confident and gut of having a naked self portrait of oneself shows the growth of maturity.


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