The Golden rule is that t…

The Golden rule is that there are no Golden rules.

by George B. Shaw

First, what do you think about this quote? Please if you could post a comment on what you think this quote means to you, I would gladly gladly appreciate it.

As for me, this quote is implemented to my daily life after graduation from High School and undergrad. This quote shows me that whatever step you take in life is what makes you. if you follow a friend step and it takes you to another direction that is totally different from your friend, it means that that step isn’t for you and also shows that everybody have a different steps they will take in order to get to their finally destination.

So take a breathe, eat, sleep, pray and live your life to a greater place so when you look back, you would never have any regret that says “I should’ve done this” or “I should have done that”. REMEMBER THAT YOLO (you only live once) :).

Go live your life and see where it might take you

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