MERGE in a photo!

Weekly Photo Challenge

I must say, i do love doing the weekly challenge and this weekly challenge is a bit challenging and i am glad that i have a picture for me to be able to do this challenge.

This photo was from a friend on mine that just moved to LA California for her graduate school at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

When building a house, you have to first know how you want your house layout to be then you start decorating the surroundings. This Picture was taken up the hill showing the malibu beach. If you look at this picture, you see how the trees, houses, cars, beach and and the sky merges together to create a great scenery. The reason why i thought this picture Merge together is because when you look at the pic, you will be like this is a beautiful picture but what makes it really beautiful is how the things in the surrounding merge together to create a great picture of Pepperdine University

So tell me, if you see this picture of this lovely school, wouldn’t you like to go there for just a visit? In conclusion MERGE in a photo! is everywhere. Any photo/ picture that we take anywhere or which anybody is all about merging together to create a great picture with beautiful scenery.


2 thoughts on “MERGE in a photo!

  1. I agree, the merging of beautiful architecture in the red roof of the university blends perfectly with the rest of the town and the beach. I love when architects try to create a cohesive whole. Great pick for the challenge!

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