If not thanks to the Weekly Post, I would not know that some of the pictures i take is Silhouette.

I took this picture because I love how the light was reflecting on the flower vase. The Flowers that was in the vase was a Sun flower and has the color for fall. So thanks to this picture, I would like to say Happy Fall.

I wasn’t quite sure of the main reason i took this picture. I think it might be because of the way the sun was reflecting at the place or because i like the angel of the picture but i must say, I enjoy taking pictures and hope to continue doing it.

 Welcome to Golden Gate Bridge.

Big enough to know better

Big. Like they say pictures says a thousand words. This picture to me shows what big really mean. The earth is bigger than we can ever imagine and in each country, there are millions of people living there.

 earth, people, big

It’s larger than life, it’s unexpected, it’s the protagonist in a scene. It’s big

Happy… lively in nature

Happy? If a business man heard this word, some might be like What do you mean and some might say MONEY makes them happy. But according to a documentary that i watched, Money makes only 10% of your happiness. its the activities/hobby  that you do the most that makes you happy.

That been said, here is what makes me happy 🙂

In conclusion, What makes me happy the most is taking pictures, being with friends and being closer to GOD in spirit.