Food Junkie- Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

Okay, I was never a food blogger until i start to go to Phipps Plaza thanks to a friend if mine. Today i went there to help celebrate my friend’s birthday since i missed it when she was doing the gathering for people to come help celebrate with her.

At first when we first got to Davio’s, there were a lot of Caucasians and she was like “OMG, there are a lot of Caucasians, maybe we shouldn’t go in” I told her that we should give it a try and that this is one of the place she had never been too so why not give it a shot… but anyway to cut the story short, we did go inside. We were sited outside by the fire place; which was beautiful and quit, oh lets not forget warm too 🙂 :).

The first thing that came out to us was their bread, after been offered a drink. I was glad that i was ale to enjoy a bit of their bread before a lil something decided to show up on our plate (i believe this rarely happen, but we were just unlucky being it’s our first time there) and the bread and side were taken away from us. Their butter was a mixture of something with jalapenos pepper which taste really good with the bread.

When it was time to order our food, i really didn’t know what to get because the title of the food category where written in Italian but my main focus was to find the keyword i mostly look into while i am at a restaurant which is their seafood category. The food i got from their menu was Seared Organic Salmon, Sundried Tomato-Mascarpone Orzo, Charred Tomato Battuto. i didn’t know what Orzo was nor did i care than to see what it might be when my food came in.

From the first bite till when i finish my food, every taste of texture of the food was delicious. My salmon was well baked, not burn, juicy and tastey, my Sundried Tomato-Mascarpone was good. The Sundried Tomato-Mascarpone to me looked like rice, bubt i was told it was in the pasta family :).

My Friend got Prime Top Sirloin, Gorgonzola, Wilted Spinach, Sea Salt Fries, White Truffle Oil . She really liked it, She got the steak well done. When it came out, the steak looks juicy unlike some restaurant when you request well done, the steak is all dried out. Their fries was good, Very different but good.

Prime Top Sirloin, Gorgonzola, Wilted Spinach, Sea Salt Fries, White Truffle Oil

My Experience in Davio’s is a mixture of two things. The customer service that we got was really poor based on when you call the waiter and he pretend he did not here you, but later on, he was more attentive. The bread aspect of my experience was a little disappointing because of the visitor that joined us. But the food and atmosphere of the place is 100% along with their restrooms and paper towels that they had in them. so for Davio’s in Phipps Plaza Atlanta, i am going to give them…

In conclusion; Is the price that we paid for the food worth it? I’ll say it did based on the presentation of the food and the taste but i can’t say much for my friends food. Would i go there ofter? No, i wouldn’t because i don’t have that kind of money.

4 thoughts on “Food Junkie- Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

    • Its a really nice place. But I think based on this waiter, him not answering us is because we were two young ladies in our early twenties or something. But what you saod might be right. At some restaurants, the customer service are awesome though

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