♕Quote of the Day♕ 11/24

Hello! How are you doing? I was suppose to only do one quote for the day but when i was reading quotes form Mahatma Gandhi, i believe only giving one quote for today is not quite enough to help start the week, to keep you motivated in order to achieve a certain goal or to just believe in themselves
“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people”
   —Mahatma Gandhi
I really like this quote mainly because it is related to my working environment right now. Yes, i know people are not born to become a leader, but people are train and are passionate about becoming a leader because they want to set an example for people. But some people are just not meant for it even though they tried so hard for it. A member of my company was recently promoted to become a manager in leading about 5 people, but when the person got into that position, she lost her way in how to lead or to manage people. The person was not getting along with most of the project managers, nor with her team and the person became a micro-manager.
My question to this scenario is how can we help this person or someone else that  just promoted to becoming a manager get along with her team mate and other people in their company?
The second quote is also from Gandhi
“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
—Mahatma Gandhi
First question i ask myself is why did i choose this quote, what am i trying to say when i choose this quote? To tell you the truth, i choose this quote because i love what it says. Yes, if you’re weak, you truly can’t forgive. I experience this scenario at school because i had a friend that i trust really badly but when i found out what she said about me and what she did to me. What i really wanted to do to her was to do the same thing she did to me but thanks to the Scripture i heard from church and my Parent lesson, I was able to slowly let it go and live my life freely. Having the strong heart to forgive my friend, i was much more happier and relieve than when i said i want to repay her with the same thing she did to me.
My question to you readers is have you ever been in this situation when at first you were weak to forgive and then after much thought and understanding, you’re able to be strong to give that certain person? Please leave comment, suggestion and advice in ways to help resolve this issues or how you dealt with the quote.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving in Advance 🙂 🙂

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