How do you know when it’s the truth or not? To fall or not to fall…

When should you believe a guy that you just met that all what they are telling you is sincere or not? How do you know you’re not falling for their trap or they are not using you as a gateway to the state?

I have never been involved with the easy “falling in love” guy but I have an imitate family who has been involved in the situation. There was two scenario where this has happened to my imitate family.

Jennifer leaves in the US, Ola lives in Nigeria

The first scenario: Jennifer was introduced to Ola by Jennifer’s cousin. When Jennifer and Ola start to talk on whatsapp (instant message), Jennifer wasn’t particular interested in Ola but Jennifer wanted to give it a try. In order for Ola to win over Jennifer’s heart, he got to know her family, and her close friends. Ola and Jennifer’s close friends and family start to talk to Ola. Ola, start the discussion of Jennifer “I love you; you’re the only one for me; you mean the world to be etc.” Ola and Jennifer hasn’t met and from all what Ola has always been telling Jennifer, Jennifer feels it’s what Ola thinks she wants to hear not that he is been sincere and his true feeling/self is not shown.

To cut the story short, Ola and Jennifer finally met in Nigeria. Jennifer’s friend also met with Ola; Ola has been to Jennifer’s friend house. When Ola called Jennifer one day, he keep saying that “oh Jennifer, your friend is rich, she’s this, She’s that” and all what Jennifer could say was “is that so”. Before Jennifer knew it, Ola went to go tell Jennifer’s close friend that “Jennifer was telling him that you’re rich and so on”.

Second Scenario: Jennifer met Tunde at an outing. An exchange of numbers along with bbm pin was done. Within a week of talking, Tunde is already in love with Jennifer without even knowing her sending her text messages like this “Just can’t hold it, am so much into you; Sincerely, am in love; I believe we can be great together”

Love Message

Love Message

Without knowing, or talking to each other in a way that shows you guys are interested in each other to want to go on a date, how can someone just confess like that? And at the end of the day, you’ll come to find out that they are just fooling you.

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