I am Sorry

When you say “I am sorry”, first it seems like it’s just a word that is so easy to say without remorse.

Try it once; say “I am sorry”. See it was easy.

Saying ‘I am Sorry” after a major fight can be a very difficult word to say. To the fighters, one might be thinking he/she is right while the other person is also thinking the same thing. So who do you think will say the word “I am sorry” first

I was brought up in an African home where the elders are always right and as for the youngsters, all you could say or do was to keep quiet. What I have learned while growing up is that no matter what the situation is or what had happen, I believe that if both parties have clam down, they should both say “I am sorry”

But when the situation is too deep, then play the age game. If the person you had a fight/argument is older than you, clam down, take your time and call or go over to the person and say “I am sorry”



Sorry, I am sorry, forgiveness,

Have a lovely weekend.

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