Life as it’s known…

If you have the option to decide when you want to die, would you take it?

During a discussion after the News report of Nelson Mandela’s death (May his perfect soul rest in peace). My Friends and I were talking about whose death we felt the most. Was it Paul Walker and Roger or Nelson Mandela’s death?

Most of them, including me said we felt Paul Walker and Roger’s death the most because he is still young and there is more to his life to come like making Fast and the Furious 7 (lol) and taking care of his young daughter. And some said they felt for both of them because DEATH HAS NO AGE. When GOD says it’s your time to go it is even though we might not like the way we have to die.

And one person in particular said “I don’t want to ever die. If I can life for eternity, I will surely do that… I want to be like Elijah who did not die but disappear from the surface of the earth”

Yes, death has no time, some might know when they are about to die, and some just don’t know. Some have to decide if they want to make the decision to unplug the life support of their loves ones making them feel like a murder….

Just know, the amount of time you’ve spend with them and the amount of moment you’ve shared with them were precious. If you loves ones were able to choose when to die, they’ll never choose because the time they spend with you is like Heaven. Even though they might be gone, they’re not alone because Almighty GOD is by their side and they are watching over you.

RIP to all the people that died this year. my prayers and thought goes out to John and Jeff La for the passing away of their father, Olga and her family for the passing away of her uncle, Nwokeyi family and  fiancée for the passing away of Christian Chikezie Nwokeyi Jr and Celeste for the passing away of her nephew

Music Dedication: Heaven featuring Lee Young Hyun, Shin Yong Jae of 4men, Lim Se Jun, and Won Ji of Bella4! for translation click here

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