Change in Career Position

The Challenge you face at workplace…

Well you can say it’s not a challenge but at the same time, you might think it is a challenge. Working at a small company where their QA department is just building up, i have the opportunity to move to another department after a year of working at my present department as a QA to become a BA. I grab the opportunity with an open arm knowing I get to work more with the project team than I have over the past six month because of a “middle man” manager.

I recently just submitted the form needed to transfer from my present position to a new position as a BA, and hour later, the news was announced about the future roles and responsibility of a QA. The new role and responsibilities of a QA involve being the QA lead of a certain project, coordinate with the QA team in India, be the mainstream line communicator between the India team QA and the project team, and doing a dynamic testing.

Is the new role and responsibility exciting to me? Heck yea! I am excited.

I’m I thinking of revoking my application for the new position? Heck Yea!! I am.

Will I do it? Maybe Yes, Maybe No, I don’t know.

Because of the news, my heart start to flutters and start to make me think if maybe it isn’t the right time to leave my present position for the new one. I have done plenty of research on when it’s the best time to change your career and for me the main reason why I am in the position of changing my career is to get challenged, to you more brain power in thinking and researching on

how to help utilize the customers’ needs, able to communicate more with the customers and the project team than the “middle man” and being familiarize with our system than I have knowledge of now, Oh and a rise pay (if possible).

The more I question the news, the more I realize, I need to stop being scared of change and challenges in life. Yes it can break you a little but it will also build you in both confident and commitment.

So if there is a position at your current job that you have the qualification of applying for like “you must have been at your current position for more than 12 month.” Do not hesitate to apply for it and face the challenge that comes with it like working more than 40 hrs a week (acks!), having to work late after the working hrs to meet the deadline and doing your own research on how to fix something that was broken.

Keep in mind,

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. It’s OK to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.” —- H. Stanley Judd

And as for me, I am totally applying for the new position and see where it will take me.  🙂

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