Like the measles…

Old People holding hands, Love

“Like the measles, love is most dangerous when it comes late in life.” — Lord Byron

The famous quote that everyone often says is ‘patience is virtue.’ How does that relate to the quote above? Being patience will not help heal the measles nor will it help you understand love when it comes late in life. Love and affection for someone can come anytime in your life and when it does come, don’t be afraid to embrace it. You’re not too young or too old to love. When you’re inflicted with measles late in life, the likelihood of being cured 100% is low; the likelihood of loving someone 100% is worth the change no matter what.

When love surely comes your way, don’t question it by asking:

I am really wroth the person time?

Am I not too old to be in love?

Can I trust this person and are we met to be each other soul mate?

Remember, Love has no age or prerequisite. Follow your heart, Pray and the lord will surely lead you to the right person.

Love, Special, Old People Love

Have a blessed weekend 🙂

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