Job Negotiation Tips and Suggestions

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Negotiation photo

We are in job search season and many people will be receiving offers for jobs. Then what? Then you negotiate. Here are 23 tips to consider as you anticipate receiving such an offer. I welcome your counteroffer (i.e., feedback, critique, questions, and additional tips).

Thanks to Laurie Berry, Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, Brandi Hephner LaBanc, and many other people who shared their experience and expertise with me.

Tip #1 – Start thinking about what you want and need before getting the offer.

Tip #2 – Do research on position, institution, units, etc. Most public institutions must make the salaries of employees public.

Tip #3 – Know what you will walk away from, be it salary, benefits, responsibility, etc.

Tip #4 – Remember that negotiation is not about making demands, it is about engaging in a conversation about your confidence in your ability to contribute. Be prepared to talk about that.

Tip #5…

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Oh, I love your hat!

Sharon Abimbola Salu


I hardly tie gele when I wear my traditional outfits here, mostly because you cannot claim to be dressed casually while wearing an elaborate head tie.  I tell you, a gele can make a mundane outfit look festive.

But the few times I have appeared in public with my gele, I have gotten this puzzling compliment: “I love your hat.”

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Black Friday… Who needs to go shopping?

Black Friday

I am one of those people that love to shop on thanksgiving evening at 9pm in order for me to get what I really want before it disappears like dust. Each year, my friends and I will line up at the mall as early as 7pm all cozy with jacket, gloves and hat so we can get to our designated item that we want.

But who wants to involve with the hassle this year when it’s all cold, raining and maybe snowy according to the weather channel? I know I don’t and I really want to do some black Friday shopping without leaving my house. Thanks to most department stores like Kohl’s, Amazon, Sears, Belk, Macy’s,Walmart, JC Penny, Best Buy and so many more,  I can do my shopping at my own house with only a click away to get what I really want.

For most people who loved to save like I do, helps you to find sales on different kinds of department stores and to also get cash back on anything you buy. But remember, you have to have to click through the department stores you find on ebates to be able to get cash back.

For this holiday, learn how to be a wise and look for a way where you don’t have to pay a full price to get what you want. If you have other ways on how to save, post your experience and how you have done it.

MERGE in a photo!

Weekly Photo Challenge

I must say, i do love doing the weekly challenge and this weekly challenge is a bit challenging and i am glad that i have a picture for me to be able to do this challenge.

This photo was from a friend on mine that just moved to LA California for her graduate school at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

When building a house, you have to first know how you want your house layout to be then you start decorating the surroundings. This Picture was taken up the hill showing the malibu beach. If you look at this picture, you see how the trees, houses, cars, beach and and the sky merges together to create a great scenery. The reason why i thought this picture Merge together is because when you look at the pic, you will be like this is a beautiful picture but what makes it really beautiful is how the things in the surrounding merge together to create a great picture of Pepperdine University

So tell me, if you see this picture of this lovely school, wouldn’t you like to go there for just a visit? In conclusion MERGE in a photo! is everywhere. Any photo/ picture that we take anywhere or which anybody is all about merging together to create a great picture with beautiful scenery.


When it comes to looking for a weekly challenge picture for the title “wrong”, i really thought hard about this and when i looked into my pictures archive, i found this.

If you look at this picture, you can say “oh, Good food” but if you look closely, you’ll see that there’s a fly on one of the food. To me, this is wrong because i saw this at a restaurant. It is wrong because when you work or serve food in the restaurant, you should always cover your food or prevent fly from laying on it because it is not hygiene.


Growth a DAY

There is always a form of Growth that happens in our daily life. We have the growth of emotion, the growth of security, the growth of courage and so many more when it comes to been a human. Although we human have many growth that we go through without was even knowing it, it is still part of growth. Continue reading