My Obsession -Korean Drama

My love Korean drama didn’t start until I got to the US 10 years ago. I started watching Korean Drama when i was just clicking through the television channel and came across AZNV. The shows that they were showing at that moment were Full House, Ruler of your Own World, and Dae Jang Geum. While being curious about Korean, Taiwan and Japanese drama, AZNV decided to shutdown so i had to divert my curiosity from watching it on TV to Online and I must say, “Thank GOD” i didn’t just give up my curiosity since i couldn’t watch it on TV anymore. Thank to something called WWW, i was able to get in-dept with my hobby to the Kdrama, Jdrama and Tdrama world…

Because of my hobby to the Asian drama world, I was able to explore their food, learn their language and have knowledge of their culture.

Some typical situation example:

  • poor girls play hard to get for the rich guys.
  • Mother in-law are always bean to their daughter in law
  • Poor girl always have to leave the Rich girl to save him/her
  • There’s always a second lead

2 thoughts on “My Obsession -Korean Drama

  1. Now, I know that u r crazy and passionate about what u love. Thanks for showing me thing lovely website and I will be looking forword to ur writting.

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